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Jenna D Amico

Gary & Pam Nelson

To summarize our story, we had interviewed 3 real estate brokers as we made plans to sell our home. Like some potential sellers, we had not yet decided where we wanted to move. Before we had chosen a realtor, Pam and I decided to see a house in Longwood. The listing agent was out and Jenna fielded our call. She showed us the house. While we liked (not loved) the house, we were impressed with Jenna. She was awesome at making us feel at home in another’s house. Further, it was late on Sunday, but Jenna still asked if there were any other houses in the area that we wanted to see. Pam and I were shocked. Here is a total “stranger” investing her time with customers who probably would never “pay” for her services. Not only was she professional and knowledgeable, she was a joy to be around. After seeing several houses that afternoon, Pam and I wanted Jenna as our agent. After our house was listed, we had requested Jenna take us “house shopping”. On several (yes, more than 5!) occasions Jenna made appointments for us to walk through potential houses. Pam and I were impressed with Jenna’s organizational skills. In order to maximize our “house hunting time”, she provided a detailed itinerary, along with maps and directions. Further, while we were “shopping”, Jenna kept us up to date on all the activities on our house.After a month or so, Pam and I decided that we wanted to buy a new house regardless of when our current home sold. The day after we signed a contract on a new construction, we received an offer on ours. So it was pretty hectic for us over the next month until both closings. Through all of the “ups and downs” that happened on BOTH ends of our sale and purchase, we felt like Jenna was a family member helping us through the most stressful and fiscally important time in our lives. Day in and day out she maintained the utmost responsiveness and integrity that one can expect from an agent !Looking back we felt that we were blessed to have Jenna working with us. We respect and trust her. She was a pleasure to work with.