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Jenna D Amico

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Trendiest restaurants in Houston

How often do you dine out? Houston residents average at seven times per week, besting every other city in the U.S. Whether you come as a group, a couple, or solo, you’ll always find the best dining spot in Houston to satisfy your cravings...

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Home staging tips for that quick home resale

While there’s no shortage of reality shows featuring open houses, first-time home sellers may still need help in going about with it. If done right, learning how to get your house ready to sell by staging your home can lead to great results...

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Should you buy or rent in Houston?

Moving to Houston in the near future? With its expanding job market encouraging large-scale migration to the city from other states and abroad,the question of where to live in or around the area becomes an issue. An even more pressing questio...

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Houston remains America’s Space City

Houston has had many nicknames through the years. It's been "Bayou City," "Magnolia City," "Ozone City," "H-Town," and "Hustle Town," among others. Houston was nicknamed "Space City&qu...

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Discover Houston’s exciting things to do outdoors

Buffalo Bayou Park is a gorgeous 160-acre oasis close to downtown Houston Houston is the largest city in all of Texas. You might think this means it's nothing more than a concrete jungle. You'd be wrong. While it is a heavily populated c...

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How to tell if it’s the right house for you

This iconic gem was designed by renowned architect John F. Staub for one of Houston's leading families. It went through an award-winning two-year renovation and expansion program that not only preserved the home's integrity but also made it...

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